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Administrative Services

We care deeply about the financial security of our clients and their businesses. Our talented team of risk managers has an average of 10+ years of industry experience and strives to provide creative, quality, well-designed plans to address the varying needs of the clients we serve.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Initial design of 831(b) Plan
  • Preparation of plan documents and risk assessments
  • 831(b) Plan transaction approvals
  • Monitor compliance of 831(b) Plan rules and guidelines
  • Compliance filings of 8886, 1099-DIV and meeting minutes
  • Annual tax return
  • Claim services
  • Annual renewals
  • Ongoing client consulting
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Our Warranty To You

SRA provides a written warranty to all of its administered 831(b) Plans. Provided that plan participants adhere to SRA’s rules outlined in the plan manual, SRA will provide legal and audit support in the event a company is audited as a result of participating in an 831(b) Plan. SRA audits plans on an annual basis for improper conduct. If improprieties are detected, participants will be notified and be guided back into compliance. Upon a second notice of impropriety, SRA will, at its discretion, disengage with the client.

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